An ode to simple movement, to the design of simplicity and to the exaltation of the margins and limits of the materials themselves. Marble is a sharp and hard, sharp and angular material that is presented as such, without frills or recommendations.


Natural stone, despite its fluid composition, complex physics, slow processes and organic composition, maintains a compact, solid and cold final result. Sueño Físico represents this coldness without contrasts, emitting a white light into the space that leaves no room for warmth even in tone.


An obvious allusion to the theoretical stance that moves Nuria's thinking towards extremes and towards the materialism of the tangible without superficiality. The reality embodied in the article, an ode to the truth and the rawest perspective of the elements. An unromantic stance of design and very focused on function and intrinsic beauty as an opposite metaphor of the current reality of society.


It is presented in a colorful selection of elegant and bold marbles. A touch of color, a compliment to the ancients and their taste for choosing pieces of the world's soils.



Thirty-six years ago two partners began a beautiful journey through the decoration sector in Madrid. They decided to create new pieces of furniture with an unusual and rare material such as marble and natural stone. At the beginning of this fraternal journey the partners were filled with enthusiasm to offer the highest quality in high-end products.


It was a time of fax and landline phones, therefore, catalogs were paper and there were no social networks or websites. The eighties were temporary exhibitions, furniture fairs and, above all, printed photography. Polaroid photographs, kodak prints and, as always, the decorations of the time, which are back in trend, passed through the hands of those customers. Precious kilims adorned the floors in diagonal and overlapping compositions.



The good workmanship, the own manufacture with calm, taking care of the detail, is our culture. Our firm is of stonemason origin, with hands accustomed to the hammer and chisel.


Our workshop in Segovia is a place where craftsmanship and design come together. A meeting not casual if not premeditated, a constant search for innovation with attention to market trends.


In our opinion, spaces that breathe allow you to breathe, they are a source of air and spaciousness. For this our great ally is the glass, a material that we find fascinating in terms of the industry behind it, and also elevates the pieces of furniture to exclusive and high aesthetic taste. A classic that never fails and that allows us to filter in terms of elegance and respect.


In Meddel we live the convergence of craftsmanship and design, the integration of a classic binomial that converges in the knowledge of good craftsmanship.



Meddel boasts of manufacturing, of expert hands, of passion for making, of the real, of the visible. Our craftsmanship is our main strength, the human being produces and equally the hands and the creative mind are main factors in creation. Our workshop is a source of manual creation, a space of processes and order, of hands and squares, of precision and detail.


"A few years ago I decided for this, a few years ago I chose workshop, I chose business and I chose legacy. One of the things I like most about my choice is the wide horizon it allows me, a free field to jump and go to the most remote destinations by the path that is convenient at any time", Nuria Lázaro.


"In this new 21st century of change, speed and new methods, the knowledge of a professional is a scarce commodity. Or at least it seems to me that more and more people think they know a lot, but in reality there are fewer and fewer who really know. Patience, reflection and development are no longer of interest in the vogue of immediacy and superficiality".



Marble and natural stone are materials with a high intrinsic value. Meddel is committed to marble and local materials, having in its portfolio a wide range of Spanish and Italian marble. The geology of the Iberian Peninsula is a source of pride for the wide variety of noble and healthy materials, such as the Black Marquina marble, the Emperor Brown marble that lines the interiors of the majestic Taj Mahal. Many of these Spanish marbles boast an international presence in buildings and architecture from Roman times to the present day, such as St. Peter's Basilica in the Vatican or the Aqueduct of Segovia.



From Meddel, Lázaro shows empathy for the trade as a way of understanding life. "The craft, something that is so scarce these days. Fewer and fewer people who really know how to do it." "The mastery of the crafts must be put in value for the survival of craftsmanship in Europe. The integration of craft with creativity is real, it is the summum in the context of high-end furniture."


For Lázaro, vision and experience, coupled with skill and knowledge of the material, are rare commodities in these superficial and fast-moving times. In-house workshops are little hidden gems that struggle against increasing outsourcing. The vision of the old school designers, those who experiment, is lost in the vogue of new forms of so much theory, and little knowledge of the raw material.