The culture of stone is often associated with art and sculpture. Taking it out of this context and placing it at the center of design is at the heart of Meddel’s philosophy.


Medes Dining is supported by balance, has fun with space and amalgamate to form simple angles, familiar geometries that cross its lines and become pieces of unexpected fluidity, yet in solid stone. An aesthetic proposal of elegant brutalism, of a lightness completely foreign to its fossil origin and the heaviness of metals. A very unusual style, which we simply love.


When something is self-evident, its meaning is universally understood. The appearance of each grain, color and shape in a specific place is easily grasped by both the eye and the hearth.


It belonged there since it was born out of earth. The selection of materials for this Medes Coffee piece has been a consequence of our appreciation of their obvious aesthetic load. To us, all materials are special because each of them has a natural place where they belong, determined by the process through which it is formed.