The specialized design in a material is the key to the development of the range of products to be impactful and diverse. Joaquín Moll's great contribution to the world of furniture design is evident and is undoubtedly a tribute to the natural stone material.


Beauty is a primordial element when it comes to choosing a piece of furniture. The geometries and shapes of furniture pieces are a fundamental part when it comes to furniture design. When it comes to marble and natural stone furniture, any definition becomes more complicated and the technique, the mass and the raw material become more important.



Marble in furniture, beyond the surface of a top, is a sign of class and style. The glass top is a choice worthy of the most select tastes, which breathes and allows you to see beyond the coarsest opulence. A non-transitory aspect, a persevering and lasting style with a certain nostalgic and enriching aspect.


The taste for the most elegant luxury of marble applied to contemporary pieces are decisive points in the selection of a Meddel piece. A space of peace and striking beauty as a foundation for furniture selection are key drivers of the right thing to do, the consequence of a wise choice of beauty over potential ostentatious display.



A marble and glass dining table is a showcase of elegance and style, a perfect combination for the dining room. The Archivo Collection dining tables are structured with a marble pedestal, available in a wide range of marbles, and a glass top.


Perfect proportion and precise execution are the keys to the success of Joaquín Moll's designs. Joaquín has 40 years of experience as a designer of high-end products in the furniture and decoration sector. A sample of the perfect Made in Spain with an expertise and a supreme level of specialization, defining natural stone with a style of its own.



A surprising display of style, a piece of Meddel is the center of the decoration and marks a before and after in the style of a room. Its imminent prominence and the change to better quality is evident being pieces with energy that give off while you are around them.


Pieces of furniture that are jewels in the most stylish interiors and that exude taste for things well done. Meddel's marble tables are unique pieces by the very nature of the material. The contemporary designs of the collection cover a wide variety of styles that will also vary with the perfect selection of natural stone according to the particular taste of the owner.



Moll bases his inspiration on the Bauhaus school as the main source of style. In its manifesto, the Bauhaus put functionality and material as its standard-bearer, proposing the craftsman as a perfected artist whose work was born from the unconscious. Walter Gropius, founder of the school, wanted a world of people who build, of workshops in which the material would come to life in design and art.


Meddel has its own workshop in Segovia, Spain. Its furniture pieces are manufactured in Spain by skilled craftsmen, following the best internal quality standards and specific processes that make the final result sublime and exceptional. The excellence of the company's own production is the fundamental basis for the freedom of design in the control of production processes. This makes Meddel a firm of haute couture marble furniture Made in Spain.