The collection shows a selection of cinco diseños de Joaquín Moll, de los cuales se extraen diez piezas de mobiliario de salón y comedor. Mesas versátiles y aplicables a multitud de contextos y entornos, de carácter atemporal y contemporáneo, cada uno de los diseños contiene particularidades que lo hacen único. Find more about Meddel on the website. Meddel is marble design and contemporary luxury furniture. Marble furniture made to measure.

Meddel is introducing marble into indoor decoration on a global scale. We let the unique properties and benefits of this material thrive on our experience and excellence in working with steel, metal and of course… stone.


Meddel’s catalogue reveals its geological identity, offering customers exotic materials sourced from the deepest, lesser-known regions of Spain to the most extraordinary, unusual sites of the world. We think of nature as an irreplaceable, vigorous and lively source of innovation that inspires our creations. Our talented Spanish designers and craftsmen transform fine, raw materials into unforgettable pieces that deliver a bit of the wildness of world’s nature to every country, every house, every room. We are known for our splendid works with marble in sepia and matte colours, through which we show the agility and lightness of nature

Meddel handles every stage of the process from design to production and look for the best materials to offer the highest quality.

Meddel is marble, furniture, nature and design.

La marca española presenta en 2021 su primera colección Synthesis Collection. En ella recoge una serie de cinco piezas de diseño en los cuales la mezcla y convivencia de la piedra, el metal y el cristal son los protagonistas absolutos y fundamentales.