The Collection is a point of union between the conditioning aesthetic version of art and the more fluid forms of nature. Stone is presented in neutral tones and subtle finishes, accompanying and embellishing the design as the protagonist of the collection. The variety and textures make natural stone a perfect, combinable and indispensable material.

Silveira presents several design pieces for each coffee table for pure design reasons. The pieces of Piedra Viva have different configuration alternatives in the space and are changeable depending on the position of each piece. They express harmony and serenity, bringing subtlety as well as roundness to the interior design through natural stone.



In Ágora, natural stone is transformed through design and craftsmanship, forming sculptural pieces that bring serenity and fluidity to the space. The pieces allow a fluid circulation through the space and the rounded details provide serenity and elegance.

ÁGORA stands out for its versatility and also for its dynamism and originality, being three pieces with a variety of possible positions and a play of different heights. The cream and pink materials make a necessary contrast that emphasises the shapes of the design in a balanced way.

"Including handcrafted and unique pieces in a project is a luxury itself. They are pieces and sensations that last and accompany us for many years".



"Meddel has a wealth of experience in the design and manufacture of stone furniture. Working alongside so many professionals has been a wonderful learning experience".

All the pieces in the collection have details in the finishes, recesses and marquetry. This way of modulating the stone as if it had mouldings adds volume and turns it into a piece of art, a handmade sculptural piece of furniture.

Meddel, as a high-end furniture design brand, produces all its furniture in Spain, using artisan processes that make it a benchmark in the production of high-end furniture in natural stone.



Beatriz Silveira's collection stands out for its Brutalist Art Deco style mixed with Provençal sophistication characteristic of the French style. A mix between art deco and American modernist movements with the purest traditional European style of warm colours and natural materials.

Focused on the taste for detail Beatriz looks for furniture in her own style and therefore dares with product design to achieve pieces that develop her own style. The pieces FALLA and ÁGORA stand out for their minimalism and subtle elegance, with simple structures and handcrafted details. Brutalist pieces that, thanks to the natural materials and pastel colours, gain the sophistication of the noblest furniture. A declaration of intentions with an evident play of contrasts between material and form.



A sample with clear influences of brutalist architecture, of mural sculpture, subtle and fluid like the folds of a fabric. FALLA consists of two square pieces, with hollow and spaced interiors, arranged separately and making a composition of two tables. On the surface, a handmade marquetry pattern.

The marquetry in FALLA is handmade and individualised per piece. It will depend on and be adapted to the special measurements of each piece, making it a personalised and made-to-measure piece of furniture. A contemporary design table with architectural influences made of natural stone in a cream tone.

"I hope to convey with FALLA a bit of calm. Our home should be the place where our head rests from so much information and daily events. Contemplating this piece should be a source of well-being".