It could be said of marble design that it touches the eye when, at first glance, you think that you have already felt the cold through a warm hue, just as when a gourmet dish is visually appealing.

A big gap opens in our senses when the design breaks the usual aesthetics and immerses us in a new world of possibilities, of hard angles and floating lines. When that happens in the design of Maule Coffee, it is known that the design has been a success.



The brutal, vertical, asymmetrical and experimental structure of Maule Dining is the result of research, of the innovative spirit that is built into the workshop of Meddel.

Its disturbing lines evoke the empty crevices, those in which ideas and paths emerge and through which one manages to find the most hidden and recondite – that which was just waiting to see the light to the eyes of all. Maule Dining draws attention. It sets to leave a mark on all those who know the difficulty of working with marble in all its elaborations, of struggling to achieve the finest lines and the most proportionate blocks.