En muchas ocasiones, el mármol en el diseño de interiores se limita a cubrir superficies. Otras veces, su aspecto no respeta las proporciones. Meddel Nature Design es diseño, proporción, técnica y artesanía.

Este incidente se produce cuando la relación entre design and technique does not work. When working with this material, a harmony between the two is necessary to deliver optimal results.

Meddel is a brand specialized in the design and production of high-end furniture pieces in which marble is the main element, combined with raw metals and impeccable glass surfaces.



Long used in the making of sculptures and monuments, the hard qualities of stone and marble are a challenge to any artisan. Designing these noble materials is a process accompanied by the fearsome ease of achieving a rough result in a two-centimeter margin.

To many, stone and marble remain little more than surfaces. At Meddel, we elevate them through unique, daring designs. We believe that design must seek the material and not constraining its potential.



The possibility of making customized furniture design consists in adapting its measures to find its point of proportion, or projecting new lines in the case of unique designs. As each material differs in color and texture, it is often possible to vary the finishing to taste. It is always advisable to listen to what the material itself demands.

Reflecting on the angles and their possibilities is something that only our know-how of designing with countless materials can offer. A rare option that gives rise to personalization much beyond the ordinary.



At Meddel, we believe that beauty is in the little things, and we are experts in making unique pieces of inimitable quality and elegance unique pieces of inimitable quality and elegance.

Nuestro diseñador Joaquín Moll es un experto en la culture of stonewhich allows him to create sculptural pieces of furniture.Through light and vertiginous designs, Joaquín breaks with the stereotypes of marble by creating impeccable symmetries and asymmetries.

Meddel aporta un toque distintivo a quienes buscan algo más allá de lo convencional. Una reinvención del contemporary style,with abstract, geometric, linear and timeless designs.



Meddel’s art reveals its geological identify. Our talented Spanish designers and craftsmen transform fine, raw materials into unforgettable artworks that deliver a bit of the wildness of world’s nature to every country, every house, every room

We think of nature as an irreplaceable, vigorous and lively source of innovation that inspires all our creations.

Meddel’s facilities are located in Segovia, a former royal seat known to the world for its splendid monuments built with local slate.