Representing lightness, challenge and perfection, Vega Dining stands out from the rest. It reminds us that simplicity is sophistication. Its geometric structure and dimensions make it ideal for large, open rooms and outdoor spaces.


A marvelous structure in which the material loses its physical elements and revives through design, Vega Dining provides movements and stability at once. Notice how the perspective plays a critical role as it highlights proportions and forms. We see Vega Dining as the perfect choice for an exclusive reception, a cocktail party, a celebration of what is about to happen. Whatever location you choose, Vega Dining is a guarantee that it won’t go unnoticed.


There are certain designs that are worthy of a celebration. And at Meddel we know that there is always a moment when we celebrate. In the end, these are the moments that give meaning to experiences.


To accompany us in those moments, Vega Coffee gives us this perfectly symmetrical design, making it the star and the center of the living room. Vega Coffee is easy to move, beautiful to see and practical to use. You will live and remember moments of joy, fun and happiness just by approaching it and moving yourself around it.