The search for a perfect interior design, made to measure, with high-end furniture and noble materials are key to the success of the most prestigious decorations. For this purpose, we search the catalogs of the most representative firms of high-end furniture design. Many of these recognized firms offer a wide range of products. Other firms such as Meddel are more niche and specialize in what they do best.


Meddel is an atelier firm focused on customizing its marble and natural stone designs. Meddel's tables are custom-made and made to order, so each piece has a special process and is personalized in materials and measurements. The haute couture of marble furniture that produces designer pieces in natural stone.



These two natural stones, natural travertine marble and black slate, are the perfect combination in a designer coffee table or dining table.


The noble qualities of both materials contrast slightly in hue and texture, allowing these two varieties of stone to complement each other perfectly. Natural travertine contains cavities that deepen its texture.


Travertine marble is a soft cream-colored material with a raw texture in its nature. Slate is a stone with formation marks, rougher always from the softness of the material itself. The contrast of black and beige are a sure hit for interior design.



A constant flow of ideas and novelties, Meddel is a constant center of innovation, both in processes and materials, and especially in new proposals for coffee, dining and side tables. Innovation is linked to design and material, to the constant search to challenge the limits of the material.


Marble in furniture is a difficult proposal to execute, it is necessary to leave the drawings and focus on the stone as a source of inspiration for the design. The material properties of natural stone are the starting point. The search for limits, weight distribution and balance are concepts that haunt Meddel's offices.

The marble and natural stone tables have perfect geometries as well as asymmetries that make marble design a challenge for creative minds, who seek innovation from the stability and proportion of the design.



The fair and harmonious relationship of a part to the whole is how proportion is defined in design. Concepts that are very important in architecture and design as they are the basis for a worthy result or, on the contrary, disproportionate and unfair.


Natural stone and its workshop technique are a point of reference that distinguishes Meddel. In addition, at first glance it can be seen in his designs, the mastery of Joaquín Moll who refers to great sculptors of stone and iron when he speaks of the importance of emptiness and the limits of space.


Joaquín Moll is inspired by everyday forms, by post-modern architecture and finds in his references a language that he turns into a credo. His style is complex and simple in appearance, as are the most astonishing cases of success in a wide range of fields. Experience is absolutely a degree when it comes to translate ideas on a blank sheet, knowing the structures and especially the behavior of natural stone in design.



A designer marble coffee table is a fundamental piece to dress up a living room. Uniting the concepts of design and material is the fundamental proof of being aligned with the right way of conceiving design. Interior design of quality and style with unique and high-end furniture pieces.


Meddel propone una gran gama de productos de diseño para que los clientes tengan diversidad de opciones a la hora de escoger una pieza de mobiliario para su salón comedor. La mesa como centro neurálgico de los encuentros debe ser un elemento principal y sus propiedades se trasladan al ambiente y al entorno. En las instalaciones de Meddel se diseñan y fabrican las piezas de mobiliario a medida, mesas de mármol hechas a medida y por encargo desde sus propias instalaciones de España.