A new house is a magic without comparison, inexplicable with words. The selection of its details and components are going to be part of all the pending conversations, of the many coffees the joyful chats and the most awaited visits.

Meddel intends to be part of the adventure of getting started, as well as being part of your family. If you allow this marvelous Castile Coffee to get into your busiest living area, it will become a silent, yet stylish component of the very special atmosphere of your living room.



The pleasure of sharing time with people, learning and growing through smiles, joy and all this with the purpose of living satisfying experiences.


Always being attentive to the environment in each of its aspects and details. Castile Dining is shaped as a versatile center of experience. Whether in a cafe or in a hall, it becomes the meeting place for those who require an open and quiet space where to take a break or, perhaps, discover that which only comes after that little, inspiring moment of peace.