The postmodernist style of New York is a great source of inspiration for designer Joaquín Moll. The magnitude of the architecture and design and the great importance for Meddel, are reflected in some of Joaquín's designs for Archivo Collection. This is the case of the Manhattan shelf, a contemporary design piece formed by two marble structures that play with the design and characteristics of the material itself, so that each long glass shelf rests on the natural width of the stone.


Contemporary and modern design are an increasingly popular trend, sometimes referencing the style of the 1980s. Focusing on clean lines and geometric shapes, with a neutral color palette and strong emphasis on comfort and fluidity of design.


Styles that suit simple spaces with personality, where attention to detail is key and each element has a purpose to fulfill.



In interior design, lightness is not only limited to the physicality, but also to the visual feel of the furniture. In coffee tables, the proportion of the design plays a key role in creating a light and versatile appearance.

A heavy material acquires visual lightness through proportion and balance in the design. Simple shapes and soft edges contribute to a slender, elegant appearance. The combination of light-appearing furniture with heavier elements creates a visual balance that adds dynamism and aesthetic appeal.

This lightness extends to functionality as many of the Archivo Collection coffee tables are equipped with casters, making them easy to move around the space. This provides great versatility, allowing the environment to be reconfigured according to the needs and preferences of each moment.

These features make Archivo Collection coffee tables practical and aesthetically appealing pieces that fit perfectly in modern spaces.



When we think of materials that evoke elegance and good taste, marble and glass are two characteristic elements. These timeless materials have been used throughout history in both architecture and interior design to create sophisticated spaces.

Marble, with its special beauty and distinctive appearance has been appreciated for thousands of years. Its smooth texture and unique color variations thanks to the different veins make it a highly desirable stone. The elegance of marble lies in its ability to elevate any space, on the other hand, the delicacy of glass adds a touch of luxury to the environment. Its transparency and brightness bring spaciousness and luminosity, creating visually striking contrasts.

Marble and glass are materials capable of transforming any space into an elegant and tasteful place. In addition, their use in interior design allows the creation of exclusive environments.



Stonemasons are experts in stonework, artists capable of shaping blocks of stone into architectural works. These professionals master the art of sculpting stone, turning it into a tangible expression of the architect's vision. Their ability to work stone and create decorative elements has enriched numerous buildings around the world.


Although technological advances have revolutionized construction, the work of stonemasons remains highly relevant in contemporary architecture. The combination of traditional techniques and new technologies makes it possible to create innovative and highly durable structures.


This art has left a permanent mark on the history of architecture, the presence of stonemasons is a reminder of the importance of craftsmanship and manual labor in the field of architecture and their work continues to inspire architects and designers today.



The combination of materials creates surprising and original results; a sample of this is this innovative planter, which merges two iconic elements; marble and glass. This piece allows observing the growth of plants and the natural life inside.


The key to this fusion lies in the specific gluing techniques employed. Marble and glass are precisely joined together, creating a solid and stable structure. This blend of materials provides a unique visual experience, where the natural beauty of the plants and their development can be appreciated. The transparency of the glass allows light to filter through, illuminating and highlighting every interior detail.


This fusion creates a visual and emotional experience, allowing us to connect with the beauty of nature and appreciate the growth of the plants in an elegant environment that brings a distinctive touch to the space.