Sillar Coffee is the reinvention of the classics, often understood as the recovery of styles, as if fashion always returns. And it does return, although with organic, personal changes in experiences and aesthetic feelings of the moment.


The master stonemasons held all the authority when building the most imposing structures with natural materials – with stone, especially. From them we inherited the techniques. We enrich it with our taste. Sillar Coffee is a reinterpretation that aims at combining both styles and materials, uniting the classic and the contemporary, the past with the present and the future.


At Meddel, we believe in natural textures and finishes. Often, however, we encourage the material to oxidize and complete its natural development. It is a way of highlighting the personality of the material by making a natural product artificially organic, allowing it to develop in its own way along the path of conscious design.


This is what at Meddel we call ‘controlled alteration’. Sillar Dining is innovation in design and manufacturing processes achieved through a combination of new and old techniques. The results break the contemporary and allow the idiosyncrasy of the organic world to develop its own language.