Meddel presents its first collection Synthesis Collection in 2021. It brings together a series of five design pieces in which the mixture and coexistence of stone, metal and glass are the absolute and fundamental protagonists.

The collection shows a selection of five designs by Joaquín Moll, from which ten pieces of living room and dining room furniture are extracted. Versatile tables applicable to a multitude of contexts and environments, timeless and contemporary in character, each of the designs contains particularities that make it unique.

The collection is based on these premises with the clear intention of sharing the taste for the raw material with those who choose to participate in its aesthetic beauty and its contribution of texture and richness to an interior design.


It is also an invitation to stop and think about our surroundings, both those closest to us and those not so close at hand. To listen to what it wants to tell us from a more reflective position, less changeable and therefore more lasting and stable.



In many cases, marble in interior design is limited to cladding surfaces or appears disproportionate. This happens when the relationship between design and craftsmanship does not work, which, in this material, is compulsory to obtain optimum results.

Meddel is a brand specialized in the design and production of high-end furniture pieces in which marble is the main element, combined with raw metals and impeccable glass surfaces

Meddel brings a distinctive touch for those looking for something beyond the conventional. A reinvention of contemporary style, with abstract, geometric, linear and timeless furniture.


Conceptually, Synthesis represents the convergence of two elements: design and material. Joaquín Moll synthesizes his vision of marble design through a proposal of pure forms and functional design with a high aesthetic content. Joaquín has a sublime knowledge of materials and their chromatic variations, finishes, shapes and textures.


Meddel creates through Synthesis an ode to the material of stone, which shows through its surface the physical and compositional phenomena that trigger its formation, these being a synthesis of the geological life of the planet, millions of years of formation at a glance.

At Meddel we believe that beauty is in the little things, and we are experts in creating unique pieces of unrepeatable quality and elegance.

Our designer Joaquín Moll is an expert in the culture of stone, which allows him to create sculptural pieces of furniture. By means of light and vertiginous designs, Joaquín breaks with the stereotypes of marble, creating perfect symmetries and asymmetries.