Manila Contemporary Travertine Table


Manila is a marble and crystal table composed of two symmetrical pieces of Roman Travertine marble fused together by two pieces of transparent crystal.

Its structure is both simple and complex, allowing the room to shine and lighten. It consists of two pieces of marble in the shape of «C’s» that face each other forming a perfect symmetry. Its design, the work of Joaquín Moll, supports the exact and adequate proportion so that the marble has harmony. A work of pure design in marble that becomes the protagonist of the center of the decoration. The Manila, a marble and glass table, is a descriptive element of the fantastic range of products offered by Joaquín in his collection for Meddel. MANILA CONTEMPORARY TRAVERTINE TABLE

Manila Contemporary Travertine Table

The antithesis of two pieces that complement each other through transparency creating a whole that provides closeness, sweetness and precision of the fragments. A functional and very comfortable design, perfect to accompany the daily routine.

This Manila coffee table, like the rest of the products in the Meddel catalog, is custom-made to order. Therefore, it can be produced in different materials as well as in the measures required by the decorative space. Any of the materials will be a perfect ally for this coffee table design. However, Joaquín Moll’s recommendation in this case goes through natural Roman travertine and other light colors.

Any of the Meddel’s products are designed and manufactured in our facilities in the city of Segovia. Consult in any of our distributor stores the origin of the furniture if you require Meddel authentication.

Manila Coffee is part of the Meddel Archive Collection. You can access the complete collection here.

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