lido marble coffee table


Lido Centro Marble and Glass is an emblem of the brand.

Symbol of the brand and representative of its collection of coffee and dining tables in marble. One of the most daring designs of Joaquín Moll.

Its unique and visually groundbreaking structure groups two blocks of marble and natural stone and turns them into a furniture structure of delicate design and execution. In this Lido marble coffee table design the glass appears integrated into the marble. A subtle and elevated way of intermingling materials with each other. The Lido marble and glass coffee table has architectural design qualities that showcase Joaquin Moll‘s impressive technique.

This piece, composed of two marble elements supporting a crystal, is a challenge to gravity. Its powerful balance would only be possible with this noble material, which endows it with firmness and robustness. A design with an extra charge of elegance and clean forms, which gives warmth to the space it occupies.

Joaquín shows once again in this table how he has fun playing with proportion. Above all, how he challenges the material by tracing the lines according to the mass of the stone itself. In this way the balance is the one who maintains the design, all with a perfect harmony of forms and respecting the main function of the coffee table. A masterpiece of furniture design, an example of what Joaquín develops.

The LIDO Coffee marble table is an example of excellence in marble, a unique design by and for the material.

Any of the Meddel’s products are designed and manufactured in our facilities in the city of Segovia, Spain.

The LIDO marble coffee table has a perfect geometric shape and is the result of Joaquín Moll’s vision and experience as a designer of avant-garde furniture.

lido marble coffee table joaquin moll designer

The Made in Spain design marks a strong character and personality, a hallmark of the strong contemporary artistic identity and clear modern influences. Quality, design and innovation are clear drivers of product development in Spain. Designers like Joaquín Moll, with 35 years of experience are proof of the strong tradition of creators.

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